Chula VRC, Center of Excellence in Vaccine Research and
Development, Chulalongkorn University

Center of Excellence in Vaccine Research and Development was established under the expert supervision from Prof. Kiat Ruxrungtham, who has been conducting vaccine research work and has gathering the professors and researchers interested in the research and development of vaccines. The research focus on both infectious and non-infectious disease vaccine including HIV, Dengue, Leptospirosis and House dust mite allergy. 

               Chula VRC collaborate with several faculties within Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Science and Science) and several Universities in Thailand (Chiangmai University and KMUTT). In addition, we also have an international collaboration with Vaccine Research Center (VRC), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institute of Health (USA); Department of Adjuvant and Antigen Research, U.S. Military HIV Research Program, Walter Reed Army Institute. A mission of Chula VRC is to “Discover, develop and deliver safe, effective and affordable vaccines” for domestic use in Thailand and our neighboring low-income countries.

Research Highlights

Strategies to improve the immunogenicity of prM+E dengue virus type-2 DNA vaccine.

Immunogenicity of a DNA and Recombinant Protein Vaccine Combining LipL32 and Loa22 for Leptospirosis Using Chitosan as a Delivery System.

Development of recombinant stable house dust mite allergen Der p 3 molecules for component-resolved diagnosis and specific immunotherapy.

The immunogenicity of tetravalent dengue DNA vaccine in mice pre-exposed to Japanese encephalitis or Dengue virus antigen.

Optimization of the immunogenicity of a DNA vaccine encoding a bacterial outer membrane lipoprotein.

Acute respiratory failure secondary to eosinophilic pneumonia following influenza vaccination in an elderly man with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Induction of neutralizing antibody response against four dengue viruses in mice by intramuscular electroporation of tetravalent DNA vaccines.

Optimization of a Der p 2-based prophylactic DNA vaccine against house dust mite allergy.

Lab Facility